The Gene Whitehead Ranch was established in 1942 in Menard county by Gene Whitehead. He later purchased the Granite Hills Hereford Ranch in the late 80's in Llano County. Gene and his wife Nance, were members of Texas Hereford Association, American Hereford Association, and Texas Sheep and Goat Raisers Association. The Whitehead Ranches consist of nearly 50,000 acres of working ranch land primarily used for cattle, sheep and goats, and hunting.

The Whitehead Ranches are divided as the following:
Bowie Springs Division (Menard, Texas)
Headquarters Division (Menard, Texas)
Callen Division (Menard, Texas)
Powell Division (Menard, Texas)
Llano Division (Llano, Texas)

Gene and Nance Whitehead are survived in death by grandson, Cody Whitehead.